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We are always on the lookout for significant Rory Gallagher locations, places of interest, festivals and more to add to this site for the benefit of Rory’s fans worldwide.

To ensure the quality, authenticity and accuracy of the listings on this website, each listing is verified by a member of our dedicated Where’s Rory Team.

So if you know of a significant Rory Gallagher place of interest which you’d like to see listed on this website, we’d love to know about it!

What makes a place a significant place of interest?  Having a connection with Rory’s life and his music of course!  This may be a historical connection, (which will be validated for accuracy) or there may be one or more noteworthy pieces of Rory Gallagher art and/or memorabilia of any kind on display in a public place.

Promoters & Event Managers

Promoters & Event Managers if you have a Rory Gallagher tribute event you would like to see listed on this site, Contact Us with details of your event including a link to your website.

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