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Cork City Hall

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Cork City Hall features in every citizen’s life – not least young Rory’s.

My earliest recollection being when Chris Barber’s Jazz & Blues band (who Rory would later record with) were coming to play there. (Late 50’s) Rory (aged 12) had saved all his pocket money for weeks to get a ticket for the show but when he had accumulated the amount, the show had sold out. Undeterred, Rory stood outside the venue to absorb the sound of the music anyway.  Not too long afterwards, my brother performed there at a talent contest at which he was a winner.

In the mid 60’s, Taste played there a couple of times, having out-grown the Cork clubs.  At Christmas throughout the 70’s, the location became like Santa’s ROck Grotto for a succession of famous nights, where the gigs were not to be missed.  The ambience of these is well-doucmented in Tony Palmer’s Irish Tour ’74 film documentary.

Source: Donal Gallagher, Rory Gallagher Live at Cork Opera House DVD (with permission)